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The best time to protect your trademark is now!

The process for applying for a trademark online

The application process for Monarch Trademark is a seamless three-step approach

Beginning with selecting the trademark you wish to safeguard
Followed by choosing the relevant categories and products for protection
And finally entering the trademark owner details

Upon completion of the application form on our website, your trademark application will be submitted to the UK Trademark Office within one business day.

Our team at Monarch Trademark will provide email updates at each stage of the process, ensuring a transparent and streamlined experience for our clients.

The benefits of Monarch Trademark

Reasonable pricing
We offer an affordable pricing structure, with a one-off application fee that eliminates any acceptance or registration fees.
Enhanced protection
Our smart trademark product and service picker recommends the most relevant products and categories, providing optimal protection for your business.
Country specific
Our platform is designed to meet country-specific requirements, ensuring that you only provide the necessary information required to register your trademark.
Ease of use
Our platform boasts a fully automated, three-step process in plain English, making it easy to use and minimizing the potential for errors.
Minor issues fixed free
In the event of minor issues raised by the Trademark Office regarding categories, products, services, or ownership, we provide free solutions.
Apply at your convinience
You can register your trademark online anytime, 24/7, and complete the application process in under five minutes, with minimal data required for processing.

Which trademarks should be safeguarded or secured?

The trademarks you choose to protect depend on the value you place on your brands. Securing a trademark registration ensures that others cannot use the same trademark for similar products or services. When making decisions about what to protect, it is wise to evaluate the various brands used in your business. It is likely that certain elements, such as brand names or logos, are essential to your identity and you would not want competitors using them. These are the brands you should protect.

If you want to protect multiple trademarks, such as a brand name and a logo, you must submit separate applications. With our service, after completing the first trademark application, you have the option to apply for another trademark with similar details. The new application form pre-populates with the information you entered previously and is simple to modify.

What category or classification of trademark

It is essential to protect the brands that hold significance for your business. Typically, this includes trademarking your brand names, logos, and unique slogans. Logos can either be a stylized font of a brand name or a standalone logo without any words.

With Monarch Trademark's fully automated trademark application system you can:

Register your business name as a trademark
Secure a trademark for your brand name.
Obtain a trademark for your logo.
Register a phrase or slogan as a trademark

If your logo comprises words and the design itself is valuable to your business, it is advisable to apply separately to protect both the words and the logo.

Product and Service Classifications

Trademark registration is essential for protecting your brand for specific products or services. To ensure efficient and effective registration, the UK Trademark Office has classified products and services into 45 categories.

The classification system allows similar trademarks to be registered for different products and/or services by different companies. For Example

Our online application process is designed to make it easier for you to search and select the most relevant classes and descriptions for the products and services relevant to your business. We provide a list of descriptions approved by the Trademark Office to ensure accurate classification.

While it is important to be resolute about what products and services you register your trademark for, it is also important to be realistic. Our team is here to help guide you through the process and ensure that your trademark is registered accurately and effectively.

Owner of a trademark

The ownership of a trademark is at your discretion, and the decision should be based on whether it would be more suitable for an individual or a company to hold the asset, similar to the ownership of a car or a house. A trademark can be owned by various entities, including:

An individual or group of individuals
An incorporated trust or the current trustees
Other legal entities such as an incorporated society
Register a phrase or slogan as a trademark

As part of your trademark application, you will be required to furnish information about the owner of the trademark, such as their address, phone number, and email address. Although it is possible to modify the details of a trademark owner at any point in time, there may be associated costs involved with doing so.

The benefits of Monarch Trademark

In the United Kingdom, all trademark applications are submitted to and processed by the UK Trademark Office. The office follows a comprehensive process to assess each application thoroughly.


After you submit your UK trademark application, it will undergo assessment by the UK Trademark Office, which usually takes approximately 4-6 weeks.


Over 90% of trademark applications submitted through Trademarks Online are approved by the UK Trademark Office.


During the publication stage, all UK trademark applications are made available to the public, providing an opportunity for other entities to object if they have valid grounds to do so.


During the publication stage, all UK trademark applications are made available to the public, providing an opportunity for other entities to object if they have valid grounds to do so.